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From The Rose Orchestras:

Home for the Holidays

A little snapshot from The Rose Orchestra's

 Home for the Holidays Rehearsal on Dec 1st, 2019

Meet the Rose Orchestra!

Behind the Scenes of The Rose Orchestra's:

Home for the Holidays

Meet Oliver Balaburski!

The Rose Orchestra's

Conductor & Music Director

Oliver Balaburski began music studies at the age of ten in Macedonia. He attended an arts-focused secondary school to study music and became interested in composing and conducting.

Meet the

Rose Orchestra!

The Rose Orchestra was formed in February of 2012. We are an orchestra dedicated to providing high quality live entertainment founded on the principle of performing music that appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes.

Join the 


The Rosebud Orchestra. Children aged

8 to 18 are coached and trained by the popular David Rehner along with other enthusiastic coaching musicians. This season, the program has attracted even more young performers.

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Rose Orchestra!

The Rose Orchestra is a registered charity and we couldn't exist without the generosity of our patrons and commitment of our audiences. It's never been easier to give back to such an amazing cause. We thank you all for your kind generosity and support..