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The Rosebuds perform in various concerts and they rehearse once per week on Wednesdays in Brampton from 6pm - 7:15pm. Regular practicing at home and private instruction are strongly encouraged. There is a fee of $10 per week to be a member in the Rosebud Orchestra. 


For an audition, young musicians will play a short piece of music of their choice. The piece does not need to be memorized.  It should showcase the student's abilities on their instrument at the level at which they can comfortably play. The student will also be required to sight read a piece of music. The audition will last less than 10 minutes.


The audition process is focussed on being a positive experience for these young people.  Mr. Rehner provides supportive, specific feedback to each of them. Several factors can affect whether the child is accepted at this time or asked to try again at a later date.

Successful candidates will be comfortable with  playing in different time signatures and rhythms and will be able to sightread both for note accuracy and for stylistic concepts such as dynamics and articulation. For string players, they will be able to shift at least in the first three positions (including half position for double bass) and be at least on their way in developing their vibrato.


Please email and provide the child's name, age, instrument played and years played to request an audition.

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